Thursday, March 13, 2008

NCAB - USB Eraser

NCAB: Non-Scenical Condescending Artist Bullshit.

These douchebags dipped a USB memory stick in some of that eraser sculpy and called it art.
Ok, never mind that the circuitry would be exposed once any part of the eraser wore through. Never mind that on a practical use level it's ridiculous at best, and that maybe the below photo could pass as art on a silly concept design level.
But no, they had to take it that final step to establish their douchebagery.
Enlarge the pic and the subtitle reads:
"form define by user and disappearing on their own during their use"

Ok, at this point syntax is a non-issue, but the idea that the user is now involved in the art by how they 'shape' the eraser. I guarantee these douchebags spent time at a University.
I think I'll shape some art by going and pinching a loaf off now.