Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How much would you spend on a blind box?

Now dont get me wrong, I'm a big 3A fan, but (assuming that the preorder prices that I'm seeing are correct) what is with the scheduled brambles and cubes having the nearly the same price point??

The next question is which is at the wrong price, & I think most would agree that it would be the square2 series.

Then the thing that really starts to bother me is who pays 40-50$ for a blind box? especially if it's a cube with legs & a kick-ass paint-job. I've technically spent that much on a blind box toy... but it was over 6" and there were only two variants. at over 600$ a case no one is actually trying to collect these are they?

OneUp releases

More T-Boy variants from OneUp:
Back in July there was the 'Pure & Peace'

& coming soon there's the 'SKY in da SEA'

There's also a GID OneUp Budog, & a retro-color Musyubel.

Bramble preorder

You have to be a major forum troll to ever have the tiniest clue as to what's happening at 3A toys. Their site is the informational equivalent of the cratered landscapes that their WWR's clunk around in. So that's why it's exciting to see a few places offering preorders on the brambles (five variants I've been able to find, probably a few more limited versions to come.) The price point is the about 20$ more than the recently released 'Square2' series so it should be on the smaller side.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

GID Hariken minis

Little late with this one, but this is what the Hariken mini's look like in GID vinyl.

Hariken Mini Madpanda straps

The limited release of the madpanda mini's has been expanded and they're ready for market, check One-up for yours.

Monday, August 17, 2009


The Glyos Passcode instalments just keep getting better.