Thursday, February 3, 2011

Index & Auction Links

That should be all of it, scroll through or jump to what you're interested in. Pics are low rez so click through to get a better look.
As the different lots get put up for auction, I'll post the links inside this post.

BTW, the toys that have been opened have been in my glass display shelves, in good condition, not tossed around or chewed on by some dog. No one in the house smokes so the toys only smell like vinyl & plastic, like they should.

Mechtorians [blog link] [ebay link]

Devil Robots [blog link] [ebay link]

Devil Wrestling Fighter [blog link] [ebay link]

Kozik 5" Happy Labbits [blog link] [ebay link] (sold)

Kozik Misc. [blog link] [ebay link](sold)

Scavengers [blog link] [ebay link](sold)

Tokidoki [blog link] [ebay link]

Play Tofu Series [blog link] [ebay link](sold)

Rolitoland [blog link] [ebay link]

Bentworld Vandals [blog link] [ebay link](sold)

Be@rbricks & Kubricks [blog link] [ebay link]

Dunny Misc. [blog link] [ebay link]

Dunny Series 3 [blog link] [ebay link]

Dunny Series 4 [blog link] [ebay link]

Dunny Series 5 [blog link] [ebay link](sold)

Dunny 2-Faced [blog link] [ebay link]

Dunny Ye Olde English [blog link] [ebay link](sold)

Dunny Azteca [blog link] [ebay link](sold)

Dunny LA [blog link] [ebay link]

Dunny 2010 [blog link] [ebay link](sold)


Complete Set of six Mectorian figures. [mindstyle]

The display boxes slide off with no seal, but the figures have not been removed from the inner plastic, so technically opened, but not handled.

Devil Robots

+DekoBoko Boys, Camo paint (Devilrobots Version) [Pi]

Set of two with display box.

+Devil Gookii

This is a rare vinyl figure designed by Devilrobots, as an exclusive for taipei toy festival. Approximately 8.5"tall, articulated legs, arms, & head, sealed in it's original plastic bag. I haven't seen these outside of Taipei before.

Kozik 5" Happy Labbits

+ 5" Happy Labbit Series 1 [kidrobot]

Mouth accessories: Popsicle, gas mask, hot dog.

+ 5" Happy Labbit Series 1 [kidrobot]

Mouth accessories: dynamite, fast food cup, pipe, pacifier.

+ 5" Happy Labbit Series 1 [kidrobot]

Mouth accessories: carrot, lollipop, corncob pipe, beer bottle.

+ 5" Happy Labbit Series 1 [kidrobot]

Mouth accessories: mustache, banana, bubble gum bubble, ice cream cone.

+ 5" Happy Labbit Series 2 [kidrobot]

Unopened. Mouth accessories: drool, wax lips, bone, rocket pop.

+ 5" Happy Labbit Series 2 [kidrobot]

Unopened. Mouth accessories: zipper, mustache, hamburger, human legs.

+ 5" Happy Labbit Series 2 [kidrobot]

Unopened. Mouth accessories: smile, carrot, ice cream cone, party whistle.

+ 5" Happy Holliday Labbit Series (Christmas) [kidrobot]

Unopened. Mouth accessories: Present, Candy cane, Elf legs, Holliday light.

+ 5" Happy Holliday Labbit Series (Easter) [kidrobot]

Mouth accessories: Lollipop, Tulip, smashed ice cream cone, carrot.

Kozik Misc.

+Potamus 6" figure [toy2r]
Signed by Kozik

+Green 5" Mongerforce Sarge [kidrobot]

+Desert Camo 5" Mongerforce Sarge [kidrobot]

+"Monger farms, Country time breakfast" set [kidrobot]

+"Lil Gimp" Smorkin' Labbit set [kidrobot]

+"Jungle Magic" Smorkin' Labbit set [kidrobot]
Flocked, Unopened.

+"Platinum Pimp Disco Godfather Special Edition" Smorkin' Labbit set [kidrobot]
(Flocked Colorway A) Unopened.

+"Platinum Pimp Disco Godfather Special Edition" Smorkin' Labbit set [kidrobot]
(Flocked Colorway B) Unopened.*

*box has dent in rear but it's too shallow to affect the toys inside.

+"Platinum Pimp Disco Godfather Special Edition" Smorkin' Labbit set [kidrobot]
TWO duplicate sets, (Flocked Colorway C) Unopened.

Monsterism by Pete Fowler

+ Tribes of Monsterism island volume one, the Molvox, Complete set of

four [playbeast]

Complete set of 4 figures as pictured.

+ Monsterism Island woodland Vol 3 figures [playbeast]

Five figures with boxes & cards as pictured. Sancho, Chef, Brownie, & two Green figures.


+Scavengers figures from: Series 1, 2, & exclusives. [mindstyle]

16 figures, each with bubble wrap, magnetic box & slip.

It's difficult to tell from the photo, but there's a pink Masao in between the S1 White & S2 Black ones.

The other chases & exclusives should be easily visible by the photo.

There are two blanks (white & red), & two additional blanks (White VP exclusive & Red S1 blank) that have been customized & signed by Kathie & Brandt with a different face on each side.


+ 10" Yakkun Trexi [Pi]

Yakkun is a 10" Trexi, the top half of the head is removable & holds a

second 3" trexi "Yuki-za".

+ Sabochan figure [strangeco]


+ SANDy figure [strangeco]


+Moofia Mozzarella Figure [strangeco]


+Moofia Milk minifigures [strangeco]

Nine minifigures pictured. (I have two of the mini boxes.)

+Cactus Pups minifigures [strangeco]

Eleven minifigures pictured sealed in their bags, with boxes.

Play Tofu Series

+Play To-Fu Series 1, Complete Set [Pi]

This is a complete set of the Series 1 alphabeTO-FU series which

includes the 12 regular figures & BOTH of the chase figures from

Tokidoki & Touma (It's not possible to pull both chases from one box).

Each figure has a box & I have the display box that holds all 25 figures.

In addition to the basic 12+2 chase, there are extras for: Musuko x2,

Okan x2, Alien, Evirob, Strawberry x2, Cute, Yakko, & Devil for a

total of 25 figures.


+Rolitoland Safari, Complete set of 6, (A through F) [toy2r]

Each package (unopened) comes with two figures, and a small black
plastic bag (visible in the base of the package) that when combined
with the other set's black bag parts, create the secret 13th figure.

+Mini Rolitoboy [toy2r]

This is the black-tinted transparent variant mini rolitoboy. Same
scale as the Safari figures, standard rolitoboy design with a second
face visible inside the outer head.

+Rolitoboy Mini Book (Boxed Set) [toy2r]

-Rolitoboy mini book, softbound on heavy weight paper, full color 168 pages.
The book includes contributions from 52 popular artists, (full list on
back of box).
-3 mini figure set (Antonio, Antonio Jr., & Black hole)*

*Blackhole (gaping mouth cat) & Antonio (larger of the two birds) each
have a smudge of blue color where their body made contact with the
box's blue plastic slip. I've talked to others who own this set & they
all have the same problem so it seems to be a common problem with

Bentworld Vandals

A box of Bentworld Vandals by MAD & Kid Robot.
24 figures with boxes, & a postcard.
fingures come in new (clean) or used (covered in ink or paint) versions.

Mr. Chisel (New x2 & Used x2)
Rolls (New x2 & Used)
Fat Can (New & Used)
Skinny Can (New x2 & Used)
Da Flow (New & Used)
Sloppy (New & Used)
Steady (New & Used)
So Fine (New x2 & Used)
Biggie (New x2 & Used)

Be@rbricks & Kubricks

Assorted Be@rbricks & Kubricks.
See photos for contents.

Dunny Misc.

These are some dunnys that are from a few odd sets that don't make sense to sell separately so I'll just combine them into one set. & a few Fatcaps as a bonus.

Dunny 2 Tone Series & Dunny Endangered Series
Maxx242, Aaron Meshon, Tad Carpenter & Sket One, Chuckboy, Kronk.

Cheese & Ribeye Dunnys & Holliday Dunnys

(I don't have the card for the upper right fatcap.)

Dunny Series 3

13 Dunnys (see photo). Each comes with it’s box & card (unless specified: I only have 11 S3 boxes. I protect the box-less two figures with boxes from another series.)

Top Row: Alex Pardee, Huck Gee, Friends with you, Joe Ledbetter, Tristan, Damon Soule, Ron English.

Bottom Row: Attaboy, Craloa, Tilt, Tokidoki, CW, Mishka

Extra Photo: I Forgot to photo Mishka’s accessory money bag in first photo, so it’s here.

Dunny Series 5

25 Dunnys (see photo). Each comes with it’s box & card (unless specified), This set will complete the dunny 5 collector’s checklist.

Aside from the Kozik, Reach, Raccoon, Mishka, and Mizuno Dunnys, all are in their plastic bags.

Top Row: Reach (x2), Clutter, Aya Kakeda (x2), JK5 (x2), Dirty Donny.

Middle Row: Devil Robots, Jesse LeDoux, Steven Harrington, MAD, Amanda Visell (x2), TOOFLY (x2), Kathie Olivias, Mishka.

Bottom Row: Mad Barbarians, Kozik, Huck Gee(x2), JMGS, Sneaky Raccoon.

Extra Photo: Junko Mizuno

David Horvath 2-Faced series 2

11 Dunnys from the 2-Faced series 2 (individually sold as opposed to series 1)
Photo should be pretty self-explanitory.

I do not have boxes or cards for these dunnys.

Dunny Ye Olde English Series

23 Dunnys (see photo). Each comes with it’s box & card (unless specified)

Top Row: Peskimo (x2), Triclops (x2), Jon Burgerman (x2), HiCalorie x Julie West, ilovedust.

Bottom Row: Mimic (x2), Uamo (x2), Tado (x2), Clutter, Kenan Duffty (chase), Frames (x2), Triclops, Shok-1 (chase x2)

Dunny Azteca Series

24 Dunnys (see photo). Each comes with it’s box & card (unless specified)

Top Row: Hula Hula(chase x2), ? (x2), Artemio (x2), N.A.H.U.A.L. (x3), Kraken, Quique Rangel, Beast Brothers (x2), v.m. 06 (x3)

Bottom Row: Carlos Dufour, Beast Brothers, Artemio (chase), Artemio (x2), Mocre (x2), Jenkah (x2), El Muerto.

Dunny Series 4

24 Dunnys (see photo). Each comes with it’s box & card (unless specified)

Includes the uber rare GID Huck Gee Dunny.

Top Row: Jon Burgerman (x2), Kozik (x2), Mist (x2), KOA, Nico Berry (x2), Michael Motorcycle, Gary Baseman (x2), David Flores.

Bottom Row: David Flores, Twelve Car Pileup, Joe Ledbetter, Mad Barbarians, MAD, Huck Gee (GID chase) Sket One, Tara Mcpherson, Mr Shane Jessup.

Dunny French Series

25 Dunnys (see photo). Each comes with it’s box & card (unless specified)

This is missing the 123klan dunny, but is otherwise a complete set with both chases.

Top Row: Skwak, Secret Lab (x2), Mist (x2), Tizieu, Superdeux (x2), Genevieve Gauckler, Jack Usine, koralie, Supakitch (chase x2).

Bottom Row: KOA, Oktus, Tizieu (chase), Tizieu, Tilt, AJEE (panty chase x2), Trbdsgn (x2), Nasty (x2), Der.

Dunny LA

13 Dunnys (see photo). Each comes with it’s box & card (unless specified)

Top Row: tara mcpherson, Blaine Fontana(do not have the card for this one), Painkiller, Buff Monster, Blaine Fontana

Bottom Row: Shepard Fairey, Michael Motorcycle, fawn Gehwiler(x2), Chad Phillips(x2), Joe Ledbetter, fawn Gehwiler

Dunny 2010

22 Dunnys (see photo). Each comes with its box & card (unless specified).

Top Row: Tizieu (x2), Sneaky Raccoon (x2), Triclops Studio, MAD, Amanda Visell (x2), Travis Cain, Shelterbank (x2)

Bottom Row: Sket One (x2), Huck Gee, Kozik (chase), Dok A, Esther Kim (x2), Damarak the Destroyer, Michelle Valigura

Dunny 2009

21 Dunnys (see photo). Each comes with its box & card (unless specified).

Highlights are: Pon’s Chineese Takeout Dunny, Huck’s 1/50, & Mori Chack’s Chase.

Top Row: @my Ruppel, Amanda Visell(x3), Pon (chase), Jeremyville, Blaine Fontana (my mistake (it’s LA series) but it’s taped up in the box so… bonus.), Kozik (x2), MAD.

Bottom Row: Shawnimal(x2), Devil Robots, Huck Gee, Kronk, Luke Chueh(x2), Mori Chack(x2), Mori Chack (chase), Mr. Shane Jessup .

Devil Wrestling Fighter

Devil Wrestling Fighter Trexi Series by Devil Robots & Toki Doki

Full set of eleven Trexi with Devil Robots’ “Black Skull” chase.
Each Figure comes with it’s box & card.


Been gone for a while, & while it's good news (going to have a daughter soon), it means that I haven't had time to do the blog & really need to clear out the area I have my toys in, so, you know, the baby can have somewhere to sleep.

So, in the coming day's I'll be putting a good chunk of my collection up for auction, check the blog for descriptions of the different lots & links to the ebay pages.

Lot's of good stuff to see, & with the economy as it is it'll be a great way to get some great toys.
So bid often & high, the proceeds will go to... diapers. ; |