Sunday, October 25, 2009

Designfest 31

Designfest 31 just happened in Japan, a good place to see the up & comers. Juki had a strong showing with his booth, most of the pieces sold out before anyone could get pics of them, but here's the booth:

Featured are some special halloween-themed rings that he created for the event.

Some familiar faces were also in attendance.

Touma x Starwars

Last time we talked Touma mentioned that he was focusing on getting his hands on more licensed material to apply his style to, looks like he's making good on that prediction.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Scuttle Genbu

OneUp is getting closer to a rework of the scuttle design.
According to the guys @ OneUp the design was submitted about two years ago but met with problems due to changing sculptors. All of that behind now, the wax prototype is complete.


ThreeA released pics of the upcoming 'Heavy'.

Munny world

KR is releasing pics of the 'rooz' & 'raffy'.
If these are just new platforms then they suck.
If these can be cannibalized for parts interchangeable with the munny then they're awesome.