Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gundam: Senjyo no Kizuna

Gundam: Senjyo no Kizuna
I didn't post this from the Japan 08' trip, but while watching some recent Japanese news, it seems that this game is still alive and well in the arcades over there. So here are some pics.

the game consists of 4 pods (four for each army) and a base station. At the base station you can buy a card that keeps track of your stats as well as allows you to promote and unlock new MS and equipment loadouts. After the match is concluded the battles are replayed on the base screen for the hard-core to debrief. The pods are the MS (mobile suit) simulators complete with back projected 180 screen, dual joysticks and pedals, along with a headset jack to communicate with teammates. Needless to say, lots of fun even for non-Gundam enthusiasts.

For the significant cost needed to put these things in, not to mention the precious real estate they consume it's really surprising that the game is still doing well almost a year down the road.

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