Monday, December 29, 2008

Horror in the toy asile - circa 1979

I mentioned the 1979 Alien was based on a toy, but the back story warrants a recap for those who haven't heard it. In 79' Kenner released a 12" alien figure which looked like the movie alien, with inner jaw action, basically 12" of terror. Now, if you haven't asked yourself why they would make a nightmare inducing toy for kids based on a R-rated movie they haven't seen, then don't feel bad, Kenner didn't think that far ahead either.

Kids were terrified, Parents complained (before taking their kids to therapy), and Kenner pulled the toy from the shelves, but not before creating a TV ad, (and not to mention going down in history for making the best toy ever.)

This guy knows his Alien toys.
Watch the TV ad where the children play a game which consists of them trying to run from the alien. (as there were no Space Marine toys out at the time) The eventualy realize that nothing can the Alien, then run from the room in a desperate attempt to postpone the inevitable death that awaits at the Alien's horrible snapping jaws.

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