Saturday, December 20, 2008


I was staring at a toy blog from the Netherlands, and even without being able to read 90% of it, it's pretty damn good and gathers a lot of news that's left out of the main vinyl sites I normally check, Check it out:

There I saw a bit on Dok A's upcoming Mechtorians.
They're close, and the first round will be the pictured six. round two will fill out the remaining six designs. What was great was the quote from Dok A himself, or as puts it: Doktor A heeft het volgende gezegd:

‘Window boxed all the way. None of that chase nonsense here. Enough for everyone. No need for flippers to make a cut and no tearing out of hair trying to compleat your set… I have been listening to the forums…..

"Met dank aan Pepper!"... I think that means, Right On Dok A!

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  1. Hey that's so funny...
    I'm pepper =]
    I gather the info on the dok A pieces :)

    Funny that you stumbled on