Saturday, November 29, 2008

Urban Warfair

Urban Warfair is producing the Mini Skully, there were three designs, and with S2 on the way there's been a 'one week only' sale going on for the past month or so (and continuing, I'm guessing, until all the S1 stock has been cleared out.)

The sale reduced the already low price to 10$ ea. The best of the three (the LE Cherry design) has sold out, but you can still get the crazy 8 & OG.

The form of the figures are well done, looks like a slap-happy head, but looking at their printed logo I think it came from that, instead of a Brandt influence. Instead of flattening the bottom, the skull is rounded and balances on the back of the skull, teeth, and cheek bones. A little unstable but looks good from the back/sides this way. The Plug has been enlarged and placed in the skulls eye socket, the seam is so obvious that the idea had to have been to incorporate it into the design, which wasn't done in any of the S1 designs. looks like S2 is picking up on that and adding in a colored border instead of ignoring the line like S1.

Speaking of S2 it's nice to see the designs get to marking up the vast space on the back of the skull. That always seemed like such a waste in S1. Both the OG & 8 would have benefited from some tattoo style lines on the back. The Squidnick design is cool, but what's with the Bytedust design?

Surely there must be someone with a better idea... Oh yeah, David Moon:

How about a LE of Moon's design?

The art section has some nice looking skate decks, and a few prints. good looking for the most part, but the prototype08 character is in need of some serious refinement. Looks like something a kid who just found the shape tool would draw.

All in all, you have to love that another small outfit is making toys (successfully enough to get to S2) and offering it up at such a great price.

While you're there pick up a DIY (black or white) for 10$ too.

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