Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Japan 09, One Up, Ashikawa & Juki

It's going to take me a long time to sort through all the material while catching up on everything else now that I'm home, but here's the first of many:

I droped by Nakano and said hi to Mr. Ashikawa who runs OneUp. When I asked what was hot, he grabbed two things; the Musyubel (by Kaijin x OneUp) & the new T-boy (by Shin Tanaka x OneUp) figures. T-boy is the second version of a toy first produced by Singapore based PI. Notable is the new sculpt, the separately cast T-shirt, and the fact that they are now made in Japan by OneUp. Another one of OneUp's featured designers; "Juki" just happened to be in the shop and showed me a few of his current releases the Kamakozo & Umikozo. Also hard to miss were the OneUp limited editions of Hariken's Mad Panda with custom paint by TTToy. Speaking of Hariken, his original Mad Panda Colorway previoulsy sold out, has just been restocked with the same sculpt and color but with a harder vinyl. On display was the color schedule for the limited 'one color a month' run of Itokin's Mikazukin. Not satisfied to let the fun stop there Mr. Ashikawa pulled us aside and tore open a huge box and gave us a glimpse of the very green Itokin future.

Mr. Ashikawa, Musyubel, and OneUp

Aside from the overall rework of T-boy, it's T-shirt is a seperate cast.

Juki and his toys, Hariken's Mad Panda Customs by TTToy.

Itokin Mikazukin & the March wave of green.

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