Sunday, February 15, 2009

Touma Signing

Touma had a signing at ZacPac on 1/24 to launch the ZacPac exclusive Beak Falcon. Also available was the new Orange GID DIY Beak Falcon, both are 4725円. ZacPac is one of the more prominent designer toy retailers in Japan and as you can probably see from the pics.

We talked a bit about the change of style and the appearance of a return to the older, more aggressive style with the Beak Falcons release. Touma said that it was really just a matter of different design lines and that the more aggressive one is timed for yearly releases. The softer cuter designs you see in the meantime is really an answer to the market as Japanese companies are asking him for the cute stuff as it sells the best. Touma said he really wants to expand his design boundaries even further, applying the Touma style to all kinds of goods. It looks like he has been successful so far, with the Monster Hunter crossover work and the recent Star Wars work.

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