Monday, May 4, 2009

Mr. $

So, the Mourning edition of Mr. Head is out, it's the standard mechtorian minifig with a custom paintjob & signed by Dok. A, limited to 20 available @ the Spookypop Shop.

I'm a huge fan of Dok's work but the 50£ price tag seems a bit... excessive.

Yeah it's super limited, custom painted & signed... On the other hand it's a 3" minifig, not a new sculpt or variation (such as the earlier Stephen LePodd hat variations), and also the single figure is the price of the entire six piece mechtorian set.

I'm all for limited, high quality, high priced pieces for collectors, but for 50£ could we get a little custom turn key or something to justify the price? Having said that, I see that it just sold out, so there must be enough demand even at that price.

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