Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spring cleaning

Going through & cleaning things up I came across a bunch of footage I had meant to upload, but for one reason or another had failed to do so. So here's a few no worse for the late arrival:

Itokin Park came to SF for a custom show at Super 7 this feb, love those amazing clear figures filled with all the smaller figures.

The Mad Barbarians were nice enough to show me some of the cell phone splash screen animations they've been doing, too bad we cant get them outside of Japan.

Ever wonder what Gargamel's shop looks like? Take a close look and you'll be surprised at what you might find hiding amongst all those toys.


  1. Nice videos! Getting to see the inside
    of Gargamel's shop is such a treat.
    I'm jealous! :D

  2. For anyone reading this be sure to
    check out the :45 mark of the Mad
    Barbarians video to see the artwork
    they made for me - Woot!