Friday, September 4, 2009

Bellhedz Shenanigans

So Taco Bell released 'bellhedz' & they're the Dunny form, and they're either ripped-off or derivative Dunny designs. Some people got excited, but not the end of the world, nor the first trespass into mainstream culture. (Qee's at Target & a lot of Kidrobot crap comes to mind ironically enough...)

Then it became a bigger deal. Taco Bell had a truck in NY on the 4th, doing a promo handing out food & the toys. Kidrobot shows up nearby to 'Hand out 1000 Dunnys' (i.e. leftover stock) in what they dub a "Death to False Vinyl" event.

Everyone is making a big deal about the new toys, or the the fact that Kidrobot was there to initiate some sort of Toy Showdown, which seems ridiculous to me.

If I was KR, I would be more worried about ANY association with the KR toy lines, Period. If KR wants to slap Taco Bell for the copies & they're close enough to the originals, then sue Taco Bell.

The Bellhedz are derivitive crap, that's easy to see by anyone who is into vinyl. If you're a vinyl nerd who's worried about the devaluation of your collection by the introduction of a cheap sub-species, then you've been buying toys for the wrong reasons.

Now, instead think how it would look if you weren't a vinyl nerd (i.e. no one reading this.), & as you walk down the street you see the showdown! Some Taco Bell shlubs giving out toys that look a lot like the toys some other weirdos are giving out nearby, except not as good. Now do you think that, as they try to fill your hands with a bunch of plastic crap, you're instilled with rage that Taco Bell ripped off the designs, or that feeling that these guys are clearly in competition with each other selling the same product at very different prices. hmm?

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