Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tochukaso Yggdradon

The figure’s name is “Tochukaso Yggdradon”. Tochukaso is the classification & as far as I know there’s no English translation. Literally the Kanji mean: ‘Winter Insect Summer Plant’ & refers to a form of life that changes from insect to plant form depending on the season. Yggdragon is the Kaijyu’s name.

The actual phenomenon itself is a result of spores that inhabit the host's body & ultimately overcome it. If you want more you could try looking up a few of the more susceptible species like 'Cordyceps Sinensis' or if you just want to see some more craziness then try doing a google image search for 冬虫夏草.

...& A few pics for more accurate measuremet:

Mr. Komatsu shared an interesting observation that I've been hearing a lot lately from vinyl makers: That the size of the larger pieces triggers something from childhood. The feeling of holding a giant toy in your hands. It's a shame, but something is lost with the change of scale.

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