Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dunny Series 5

25 Dunnys (see photo). Each comes with it’s box & card (unless specified), This set will complete the dunny 5 collector’s checklist.

Aside from the Kozik, Reach, Raccoon, Mishka, and Mizuno Dunnys, all are in their plastic bags.

Top Row: Reach (x2), Clutter, Aya Kakeda (x2), JK5 (x2), Dirty Donny.

Middle Row: Devil Robots, Jesse LeDoux, Steven Harrington, MAD, Amanda Visell (x2), TOOFLY (x2), Kathie Olivias, Mishka.

Bottom Row: Mad Barbarians, Kozik, Huck Gee(x2), JMGS, Sneaky Raccoon.

Extra Photo: Junko Mizuno

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