Thursday, February 3, 2011


+Rolitoland Safari, Complete set of 6, (A through F) [toy2r]

Each package (unopened) comes with two figures, and a small black
plastic bag (visible in the base of the package) that when combined
with the other set's black bag parts, create the secret 13th figure.

+Mini Rolitoboy [toy2r]

This is the black-tinted transparent variant mini rolitoboy. Same
scale as the Safari figures, standard rolitoboy design with a second
face visible inside the outer head.

+Rolitoboy Mini Book (Boxed Set) [toy2r]

-Rolitoboy mini book, softbound on heavy weight paper, full color 168 pages.
The book includes contributions from 52 popular artists, (full list on
back of box).
-3 mini figure set (Antonio, Antonio Jr., & Black hole)*

*Blackhole (gaping mouth cat) & Antonio (larger of the two birds) each
have a smudge of blue color where their body made contact with the
box's blue plastic slip. I've talked to others who own this set & they
all have the same problem so it seems to be a common problem with

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